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"OLÉ" is the Spanish word for "BRAVO!" 

It is an exuberant response acknowledging the presence of the extraordinary.  "OLÉ!" conveys the excitement that the creator’s actions have spontaneously unleashed in others.  Whether you hear it in a stadium; a theatre; or a boardroom, the electrifying "OLÉ!" or “BRAVO!” informs us that the creating force of human ingenuity is present, valued and exciting. 

So, Ask Yourself...

  • Is your leadership performance inspiring the "OLÉ!" factor in yourself and others?
  • Do your ideas and innovative thinking produce applause or silence?
  • Does your vision for the future have people excited, enthusiastic, and on their feet?
  • Is your leadership achieving "GASPWORTHY" outcomes? 

You can add the OLÉ!” FACTOR to Your Leadership

Since 1994, leaders and individuals have turned to Jim Berry to learn how to suppress the "normal" for the sake of creating valuable, "gaspworthy" outcomes in their organizations, teams, and personal lives.   Jim's "OLÉ! FACTOR" was developed for  leaders who wanted to move out of the gray invisibility of "normal" performance and into the brilliant spotlight of strategic and ingenious creators.  

With the "OLÉ! FACTOR", leaders become more skilled at:

  • Releasing and managing the entrepreneurial spirit in themselves and others
  • Identifying unseen actions or traditional ways of thinking that inhibit innovation
  • Managing and supporting their most innovative people
  • Supporting, assessing and managing risk
  • Putting forth their own ideas with confidence
  • Being proactive in leading and responding to change
  • Discovering what effective innovation sponsorship looks like and making better decisions as to what to fund
  • Promoting personal development in others so they are better able to contribute their innovative thinking to a team. 

What are the "gaspworthy" outcomes you want to create as a leader?  What is holding you back from hearing the deafening applause and accolades of ingenious leadership? 


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